About Jay

Hi! My name is Jay Stancil, and I am a runner.

Those are words I never thought I would say, but alas, they are true.

My running career was sporadic to say the least for a number of years. I would be good at running for a time before slacking off. And I never ran in cold weather. From March to November would be the only months you could find me on the highways and byways.

But that all changed in 2010.

In April of 2010, one of my good friends and fellow sports information director, Dave Parsons, threw out a challenge via Twitter about running in a half marathon in October - the Nationwide Columbus Half Marathon to be exact. And for whatever reason, I accepted the challenge.

Honestly, I did not know what I was getting myself into. Yet, it has been one of the best decisions in my life.

Long story short - mainly because I'll go into more my journey throughout the blog, I fell in love with running, love the challenge and love everything about running. I especially love running in the cold, wintry weather. (Granted, winter in Kentucky is not like winter in elsewhere.)

So, that's me as a runner in a nutshell. I'll share more throughout this blog.

I also manage another blog - the Master Juggler, which primarily deals with life working in sports communications and college communications and my family life and how I try to balance the two.

When I'm not running, I am a husband to the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world. Genople and I are parents to two outstanding kids, Jayson and Haylee, and we are active members of Poplar Grove Baptist Church.

And in my free time, I'm the director of campus communications at Union College in Barbourville, Ky., and the sports information director for the Appalachian Athletic Conference.