Saturday, January 28, 2012

Me Speedy? Who Knew! - Calhoun's 10-Miler Recap

Daniel and I before the race.
You never really know what you're capable of until you put yourself to the test. Thing is, I wasn't looking to test myself per se. My goal was to get myself used to running some hills for my upcoming marathon.

Today (Saturday, Jan. 28), I ran the Calhoun's 10-Miler in Lenoir City, Tenn., with the sole intention to get used to running hills. The Knoxville Marathon is notoriously hilly and has earned the nickname the "KnoxHILLS" Marathon. Not having completed a full marathon before, I want to make sure I am as prepared as possible for my first. I'm not dead-set on a certain time (other than to finish under 5 hours), but my main goal is to finish and survive.

The Calhoun's 10-Miler is a nice out-and-back race with rolling hills along the way. Definitely a great test for me as I gear up for running 26.2 miles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taking A Moment To Celebrate

Yesterday, I had a running epiphany.

I accomplished something I hadn't really considered to be a possibility. Even though I know I still have a long way to go, I want to take this moment to celebrate my most recent achievement.

Life is a journey, and along the way, it is important to celebrate the milestones you reach along the way. At least, that's what I believe.

So, join me in my little celebration.

Friday, January 13, 2012

You Might Be A Runner If ...

This has been done before, and it'll be done again.

But after longing to write a new post, I thought I'd add my own. Nothing real thought provoking, just a little fun here on a cold winter's day.

So without a further ado ...

You might be a runner if ...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Can't I Just Run?

(FYI ... the title of this post is supposed to read with a bit of a whine, mmmk ... Now to the post)

I'd admit I'm still new to this running thing. Yeah, I'm closing in on 2,000 miles for my career, but I've been hitting the pavement for less than two years. I've still got lots to learn.

Along the way, I've learned a lot, and I look forward to learning more.

What's the old saying? "Knowledge is power."

One of the things I've heard from other runners over and over again is how beneficial cross training is. In this 2004 article, Runner's World spells out eight benefits of cross training. And they all seem well and good even though No. 8 (Fit Pregnancy) doesn't really apply to me.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2012 Running Goals

Another year has come and gone, and 2012 is quickly underway.

2011 was an amazing year for me. I can't believe all that I was able to accomplish running-wise. From running over 1,250 miles in the year to becoming a half fanatic to posting not one but three sub-2:15 half marathon times, let's just say I impressed myself.

I am not a fan of the 'New Year Resolution.' Resolutions always seem to easy to break as if it's an ideal to strive for. I really liked what one of my new Twitter follows called her list: a Bucket List for 2012.

But I won't steal her name. Rather, I'll go with goals.

I like using the term goals for a couple of reasons. First, a goal is something to shoot for, something which might appear daunting can be attainable. Secondly, viewing these as goals is enough motivation in and of itself to make me want to work hard to check it off my list.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously ... Just Go Out And Enjoy The Run

Folks, I have a confession. Now, before I reveal this truth, let me just say it has taken me a lot of soul searching and some wrangling with my emotions.

This was not an easy revelation to come to grips with.

But I've finally accepted this fact. So, without a further ado, here's it is.

I, Jay Stancil, am not and will likely never become an elite runner.

Whew! That felt good to get off my chest.

Truth is, I've never since eternity I'm not an elite runner. Speed has never been one of my strong suits, and the odds of me BQ'ing aren't very good ... until I hit age 80. (Of course, they doesn't I want try to continual improve my times.)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Running In A Winter Wonderland

Love this! Found it on the "I <3 to run" Facebook page.
Well, winter finally showed up here in southeastern Kentucky today.

Temps in the 20s with wind chills in the teens. Snow blowing all over the place, making the roads slippery and visibility reduced severely at times.

And I love running it!

Unfortunately, today is a rest day for me. I'm on full-on training mode for my first full marathon, and I really want to stick to my training plan. Given the fact I've never run more than 15 miles in a single run, let alone 26.2, I do not want to do too much outside my training plan. I'm determined to finish the marathon, and I will.