Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January - My Month of Running in Review

Wow! Where did the month of January go?

The month just seemed to fly by. So much so, I can't believe it's February 7 and I'm just getting to my monthly recap. (I've been a wee bit busy, sorry.)

It was an amazing month of running for me. And I would like the thank God for the wonderfully mild and warm weather because it made me want to get out and run ... AND I DID!

January was such a great month weather-wise here in Kentucky. Last year, I had to wear my cold-weather running gear from December through February and on into March some. But I can honestly say that I've worn shorts and short sleeves more in January when running than anything else. It has been awesome!

All in all, January was one for the record books. Here are some of what I accomplished:

  • Most miles in a month - 153
  • Longest run - 16 miles (which has already been surprised this month ... woo hoo!!!)
  • Most miles in a week - 45 miles
  • Two 40-mile weeks
  • Ran for a total of 25 hours, 51 minutes and 9 seconds
  • Average pace for the entire month was 10:03 per mile
I really surprised myself and learned a lot about myself during the past month. Never thought I could rack up the mileage like that. I mean, I didn't tally 153 miles during January and February COMBINED in 2011 (only had 149.7).

All I know is, I have fallen in love with running and I can't wait to see where all this takes me. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the journey.

Happy running!


  1. Awesome January. Great way to start the year!

    1. Thanks! Really been enjoying seeing what I can do