Monday, June 11, 2012

My Finish Line

Saucony has this great promotion going on right now called "Find Your Strong."

The concept of the program is pretty simple: what is your strong? What do you find your strength? What motivates you? In other words, where do you find your strong?

This is a pretty great promotion in and of itself. But since Dorothy Beal - a Twitter running friend, is one of the faces and voices behind the project, I'm an even bigger fan. Saucony didn't hype this promotion with a bunch of superstars and high-priced athletes. They used real runners from all walks of life and backgrounds. I highly recommend you check out Dorothy's blog and story.

But I'm getting a bit of subject here. (What? Me ramble? As if ...) This week's "Find Your Strong" asked for people to share photos of their finish line - where you finish your run. The photos range for the typical photo of someone's home to finish-line photos. Others are a different take such as a couch, a person's favorite post-run beverage and their kids.

My photo? It's of me standing on the scales.

(Side note: If you'd like to help me win a pair of Saucony running shoes, click here and 'like' my photo. Thanks.)

See, that is my ultimate finish line: my personal health. I big reason why I run is to improve my health. A decade ago, I was pushing 300 pounds. Not long after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. And I'm sure a lot of my other numbers weren't too great either.

At the age of 31, I was staring the real possibility of not seeing my son grow up if I did not change. So, on Jan. 1, 2002, my bride and I began our weight-loss journey together. I am proud to say that for the most part, we have been able to stay on this journey fairly well. We did not view this as a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change.

During the first 6 months of this journey, I dropped over 70 pounds. I've been able to keep it off for the most part. However, I reached a point to where I'd bounce back and forth between 215 and 230-plus pounds. I could not push my weight any lower and keep it there.

Then, I found running.

In April of 2010, I began my running journey when I nonchalantly accepted a challenge to run a half marathon that October. Never mind the fact that I struggled to run a full lap around the track gasping for air. Yet, I accepted this challenge and never looked back.

During the summer of 2010, I weighed 232. Since then, my weight has steadily come down to now I'm hovering around the 205-mark and threatening to cross into 1-derland. (FYI, in case you don't know, 1-derland is when you weigh in the 100s.). Yes, this has been a long process to get my weight now, but it's been worth it. And because I did it the way I did, the likelihood of the weight coming back is remote. (I'd have to give up running and that's not happening, Lord willing.)

Running is not a quick fix to lose weight - at least not once you are in good health and fitness. But what it does is turn the fat into muscle, making you a leaner, meaner, fitter machine.

Anyway, I don't consider the scales as my only finish line. Below are photos of some of my other 'finish lines.'
This is my start line as a head out for my normal, morning runs.
My usual finish line - it's the same as the start line, just facing
the other direction :-)
My bling - who doesn't love bling?
My kids - love running with them.
Last but certainly not least - my best running buddy - my bride! :-)
So, what's your finish line? And where do you find your strong?

Happy running!


  1. Hubby helps me find my strong. We both push each other to be a better runner, spouse, and friend.

    1. My bride and kids are my strong as well. I want to be strong, fit & healthy so I can be around a long time as well as enjoy doing all sorts of activities with them. I don't want to be sitting on the sidelines watching. I want to participate.