Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Going Back For More ...

Yesterday it began, but today was my first training run for the 2013 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.

Yup, I'm going back for more.

For those keeping track, this will be marathon No. 3 for me. And all three will be within just over one year. (My first was the 2012 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon on April 1, and the 2013 edition is on April 7. So, three 26.2-mile jaunts within 371 days.) 

Believe it's safe to say I've gone from "never doing that" to a marathon addict rather easily.
Honestly, the part I enjoy most about the marathon is the training. The constant challenge of adding mileage each week in preparation for the marathon is invigorating. I so look forward to "long run" day.

And I'm really looking forward to running the Knoxville Marathon again. I had an amazing experience in my previous run there, and I love the challenge it presents. I spent so much time there growing up and especially during college I feel like Knoxville is my second home. And running the streets of the city is such a thrill.

Heading into my third marathon, I'm looking to up my game in my training. I'm adding cross training, weight training and core work to the routine. While training for the 7 Bridges Marathon (my second full), I was sidelined from running for a bit during to a minor injury. During that period, I took up riding a spin bike to keep up my cardio. I was hooked from the outset. In fact, I couldn't believe it took me so long to use the bike.

By adding the cross training, weight training and core work, it's my hope that I'll build up my overall fitness and stamina to help me finish the marathon stronger.

As far as my goals for the 2013 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, there are plain and simple:
  1. Finish! (As priority Numero Uno)
  2. Another sub-5 hour marathon.
  3. A PR. My best time is 4:58:43 at the 2012 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.
  4. A sub-4:45 time. I'd love to eventually hit a sub-4:30 time, but I'm going to take it little by little.
I firmly believe all these goals are attainable, and having run the race once already, gives me a familiarity with the course to give me the knowledge to map a good plan of attack. 

Of course, everything has to come together perfectly on race day. Regardless of the outcome, I will enjoy the journey and flash a big smile as I cross the finish line at the 50-yard line in Neyland Stadium!

I've got another race before the marathon that I'm excited about as well, but we'll save that for another post.

So, what are you training for?

Happy running!


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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I sure hope a PR is in my future