Sunday, March 31, 2013

OMG! I Did What?!?!

This picture seemed appropriate for this post.
Funny how some things take you by surprise.

As runners, we are notorious for setting goals, giving us things to shoot for and strive for. To make yourself better and stronger, you need to put goals out there to challenge yourself.

I did that last year when I put out there I wanted to post a 175-mile month. It didn't happen last year, but that did not deter me. I simply put on the list again for 2013.

And then without really striving for it, I FREAKING GOT IT!!!

Funny thing is, I didn't really try for this goal. It wasn't something I set out to do this month, but it just happened.

In January, I posted what was then my highest monthly total at 167.2 miles. Prior to that, I hadn't hit 160 miles before.

This month, I was just logging my miles and following my marathon training plan. On March 17, I noticed I went over the 100-mile mark for the month. I was around 106 miles with two full weeks left in the month. A quick check of my training plan, and I knew the 175-month was in reach.

I kept this to myself. I didn't want to get ahead of things. After all, I was on pace for a 175-mile month before when injury hit. So I did not want to jinx it.

With my 5.35-mile run today, I finished the month off with 187.2 miles - 20 MILES MORE THAN MY PREVIOUS HIGH!

And to add to this craziness, I eclipsed the 500-mile mark for the year already! Currently at 505.6 miles for the year, I'm on pace for 2,000 for the year. Don't think that will happen, but it's a nice thought.

Oh, and to add to the week of milestones, I went over the 4,000-mile more for my running career. Since I started in April of 2010, I've covered 4,020 miles.

Well, just had to share that bit of news.

Happy running!


  1. My favorite saying about running: "Don't try to make it happen, just let it happen."

    1. LOVE that quote! Thanks for sharing!