Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Trail Run: Sheltowee Trail

Stopping for a photo-op
Every Christmas Eve, the leader of our local running club - the Falls Road Runners, usually has some sort of interesting run to celebrate his birthday.

On his 33rd birthday, Chris ran 33 miles to celebrate with a number of others joining him at varying stages to help him get to his goal. The first one I tagged along for was two years ago when we ran the trails at Levi Jackson State Park. That also happened to be my first trail run.

To celebrate this year's birthday, Chris decided to head out to Vanhook Falls on the Sheltowee Trail. In all, there were 17 of us to make the 5-mile trail run.

I'm not the most experienced trail runner even though I really do enjoy it, so this was my first trip on this particular trail. I am so glad I went on this run. It is amazing some of things you find in your backyard, and the Sheltowee Trail is a gem, especially the trek out to Vanhook Falls.

Not going to bore with you my usual wordiness this time. Rather, I will let the photos tell you the story.

Happy running!


  1. Looks like a great Christmas eve run to me! Love that photo with running behind waterfall, so cool!

    1. It was, Laura! It was absolutely gorgeous! And when I found out I could go behind the waterfall, I knew I had go back there.