Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Slow Road Back

All I want to do is run.
On my running bucket list is to run back-to-back marathons. Perhaps not back-to-back weekends, but I'd like to run marathons within a month of each other.

Just seems like something fun to do.

However, if I am to ever do this, something will have to change because I struggle bouncing back following a marathon.

I have great respect and admiration for those who are able to run marathons, even ultras, in such close succession. I'm in awe of your fitness, grittiness and awesomeness.

Hopefully, one day I can join you.

Since I ran the Knoxville Marathon on March 30, it's been slow going for me to get my legs back. Only within the last week or so have I been able to post decent mileage. I posted my first double-digit run last weekend, four weekends after Knoxville, and I look to record my first 30-plus mile week this week.

Yes, I realize this is all a process, and life has thrown me a few curveballs this month with travel and changes at work. But I want to be able to run.

And run far.

I know with proper training, nutrition and prep I would be able to run back-to-back marathons. Could be that my mind and body are checked out since my next big race isn't until October. My body is not in training mode right now, so why should it push it?

Of course, my body needed time to recover. The marathon is a grueling distance, and Knoxville is a tough and challenging course. And, unfortunately, I'm not as young as I think I am (or act - as my bride would say).

I'll be back soon enough. I'll be running the highways and byways once again, loving every minute of it. Then, I will run another long, hard race and return to this point once more.

What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. :-)


  1. You're speaking my language brother. I'm not as advanced as you are so my struggle has been recovering after my first 1/2 then having subsequent knee problems. Loved this post.

    1. I believe part of all this is that I've not mentally prepared to run back-to-back marathons because I've not signed up for back-to-back marathons. If I had, I know I would train to run those races smartly. I went all out at Knoxville; hence, why I need to recover.

      Thanks for the comment, BK! Glad you liked this post. Happy running!

  2. I'm just looking to do 2 marathons in 1 year. I think the back to back people are crazy. so yeah, I can totally see you doing it ;)

    1. Umm ... gee thanks, Brooke. I think LOL

  3. Recovery is such a personal thing and different each and every time. Sometimes we can bounce back much faster than others, and sometimes we just simply need more time. There is NOTHING wrong with a 'slow' road back. Don't fear going slow, fear standing still. You have a lot going on and still make that effort to be active and get what you need to done...that my friend is awesome!