Thursday, April 7, 2011

Countdown to Race Day

This, for me, is the most anxious week. It always is.

The week before race day, especially for a half marathon, is maddening. No matter how much I check and double check everything, I never feel totally prepared as I gear up to travel to a race. I always feel like I'm forgetting something.

Sunday's Go! St. Louis Half Marathon will be my second half I've run. And while I'm in the best shape of my life and feel the best prepared I can be, it's still nerve-racking.

I'm ready to go, go, GO!!!

The week prior race day is so different from the rest of the training period. You slack off on the amount of miles you run, you rest more, you alter your diet (avoiding veggies and high fiber food) and drink more water. Actually, you drink tons of water.

And the closer to race day, the more water you drink.

This tapering period has been especially harder on me as I'm still getting over a sinus infection and its affect on my body. So, I had to get my running legs back after taking three days off less than two weeks from race day, and then begin winding down.

Adding to my runner's stress this time around is trying to figure out what running gear to pack given the forecast is calling for a 40 percent chance of rain on race day. YIPPEE!!!

All I know is, I can not wait until 7 a.m. Central when the gun goes off the race begins. Come rain or shine, I will be happy pounding the streets of St. Louis, enjoying every 13.1 miles along the way.

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