Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Week That Was: Marathon Training Week 1

Well, Week 1 of my training for the 7 Bridges Marathon is in the books. And one would've thought since my life is normally crazy come mid-August through May due to the nature of my job, that this week would've been normal and easy to stick to the plan.

Not so much.

I forgot about two other factors that can throw a training plan a curve: 1. the weather, and 2. family commitments.

The heat toward the end of the week was nearly unbearable. It was brutal during my long run, which I documented for your reading pleasure here.

The other hiccup stemmed from my son being on an all-star baseball team. The team's tournament is being held an hour away, and because of the excessive heat, game times were continually pushed back. As luck would have it, my son's team always seemed to draw the last game of the day, which resulted in his game not starting on Saturday until 10:45 p.m., making early morning runs extremely difficult for me to wake up for.

In spite of all the obstacles, I managed to get my miles in. Plan called for 25 miles for the week, and I was able to log 27.12. (YAY ME!!!)

I logged 4.21 miles on Tuesday as well as a 2.35 run with my bride that evening. The following day I ran 4.10 miles before posting a 6.31 hill workout on Thursday. Capped off the week with a 10.15 long run on Saturday. I was scheduled to only 7 on Saturday and a 4-mile recovery run on Sunday, but since I knew I'd have a late night at the ballpark Saturday evening, I upped my mileage on Saturday in case I was unable to get a run in on Sunday.

I also incorporated 3 core workouts which include: planks, side planks, bridges, one-legged bridges, superman and wall squats.

And now, here's my training plan for this week:
  • Monday (yesterday): rest and core work.
  • Tuesday (today): 4 easy miles and core work.
  • Wednesday:  4 easy miles and core work.
  • Thursday: 6 miles of hill work.
  • Friday: rest and core work.
  • Saturday: 9 LSD.
  • Sunday:  5 easy miles and core work.
How is your training going? What event are you gearing up for?

Happy running!


  1. Nice start to your training. This is such a weird time of the year as training sessions get under way in such crazy weather. Another 6 weeks or so, it'll be perfect.

  2. Thanks, David! The heat does tend to cause issues with training. There's only so early one can start running in the morning. Got to have sleep, you know. :)