Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Running Love Affair

From the folks at Garmin
It's Valentine's Day, so love is in the air.

With this in mind, I thought I'd share a few of the reasons of why I love running.

I can't take credit for this blog idea being original with me today. I'm sure it's been done hundreds of times over in the past, and I happened to see a post by David H. on his love affair with running this morning. So, a hat tip and a "thank you" to David for this idea.

So without any further ado, here are some of the reasons I love running.
1. The Running Family
I never realized how amazing runners are until I became one and joined the family. Yes, there are some elitist jerks within the running community, but they represent a small percentage of the group. Roughly 99.9999999999999% of all runners are awesome!

Since I began running, the amount of support I received virtually through Twitter, Facebook and DailyMile and at races and in my local running circles has been nothing short of amazing. 

There's nothing like running a race and meeting new people. During my recent half marathon, I ran alongside a half dozen people or so and chatted it up as we passed the time and miles. Best of example of the awesomeness of the running community has got to be the reception my bride received this past weekend at her first 10K.

Yes, everyone wants to win, but in my humble opinion, getting off the couch and finishing is winning.

2. The IRC
What's the IRC you ask? It's the Idiots Running Club. And it's MO AWESOME!

It takes all the awesomeness of the running community I spoke of previously and times it by a THOUSAND! We are people who just like to run and have run, and we accept runners of skill and ability from the beginners to the ultraidiots who run 100-milers (or farther).

3. Time To Myself
With my crazy work schedule and a family life with busy 12- and 9-year olds, time alone is hard to find. But I get this with running. Running is a great time for me to clear my head, think about what is on tap for the day and just think about ... whatever.

4. Bonding With My Family
Though running gives me some precious 'me' time, it's also been a good tool to bond with my family. While still trying to get my kids fully on board with running, my bride has joined the running family and runs with her are the highlight of my week.

Oh, and don't let my bride fool you. She is a runner. This past weekend when we went to our race, she was in full runner mode. We went to the mall and a sports store or two, and she was looking for running gear. She got a gift card for Christmas to a department store and used all of it for running shirts. (Yes I was beaming when she came home and told me the news.)

5. The Challenge
I love running because of the challenge. I love pushing myself to see what I can do, and running gives me many different avenues to do that. Whether it's speed, endurance, distance, hills, whatever, bring it on and let's see what I can do.

Well, those are a few reasons of why I love running. What are some of yours? 

Happy running!


  1. Dude, you won the StrideBox giveaway on my blog! Please email me your mailing address on my contact page asap!

  2. Funny, your list is exactly the one I would write.

    We have four kids (9,9,6 and 3) and a mother who ran a trail marathon in
    January (-15c/5F at the start, then 'it got warmer along the track' as she described it)

    I wrote briefly about trail running on a G+ post..

    My sport was orienteering during youth, and I'm trying to find my way back to it with a local club, now when I'm 45.

    Sweden hosts the world biggest trail race in september every year, the 30km Lidingöloppet - which is great fun and what got me running again after many years on the couch.