Friday, February 8, 2013

Oops! I Did It Again

Road rash is pretty, isn't it?
It's funny how history can repeat itself.

Last time I was marathon training, I hit a little 'bump' on the trial. (OK, it was a root.) So, I was really wanting to avoid a situation like that again.

But yesterday, I took a 'trip' down memory lane.

Set out with the plan to run 5 miles and finish at the rec center to do a spin session before running the mile-plus way home. It was a simple, easy plan. What could possibly go wrong you say?

Well, how about another fall?

Yes, I took another tumble. This time, though, it was on the sidewalk.

Coincidentally, my two tumbles during marathon training happened about the same time. When my first fall occurred, I was eight weeks away from the 7 Bridges Marathon. This time, I'm in week eight of 16 of my training for the Knoxville Marathon.

My recent fall definitely felt like I got bit by the sidewalk cobra. (Thanks Melissa for that term.) I was just past the 4-mile mark, running along a well-maintained and constructed sidewalk when BOOM!!!

Down goes Stancil! Down goes Stancil!

I did a nice little tuck and roll, landing on the sidewalk on my right side and just rolling to a stop sitting on the curb. My right leg had some nice scratches on it as did my right forearm. What I find amazing is I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and my shirt shows no damage at all. Somehow I was cut up through my shirt. (Therefore, I highly recommend Frank Shorter running shirts for their durability.)

What caused me to trip was this tiny piece of metal sticking up out of the sidewalk that used to be part of a street sign. It grabbed my toe and sent my flying.

I was really concerned about re-injuring my toe as that is what sidelined me a week and half after my last fall, especially since I am to run a half marathon tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 9)!!! Fortunately, the toe is OK and all I have are flesh wounds, merely flesh wounds.

Hopefully, all will go well in this weekend's half marathon. Really looking forward to it, primarily because my bride is running her first 10K!

What is on your docket for the weekend? Any races? What is your long run going to be?

Happy running!


  1. Hope everything is well now that it's a few days later. I've had a couple of bad falls in the past year or so that have left some scars behind.

    1. Thanks, David. I ran a half marathon on Saturday, so I'm good to go. :-) Only had some scrapes. Not sure what scars will be left behind. If any, I shall consider them badges of honor.