Friday, July 12, 2013

And The Winner Is ...

Wow! What a great response!

Some of the swag I got from last year's 7 Bridges Marathon
When I first decided to run this giveaway, I had no idea what kind of response I would get. In truth, I was super surprised when the good folks, in particular Denny Marshall, from the 7 Bridges Marathon granted me an entry to giveaway. They run a fantastic event, which, in my humble opinion, will only get better and better with each year.

In all, there were 131 total entries. Given that this was my very first giveaway, I am pretty happy with that.

I also enjoyed hearing all the different reasons of why people wanted to run 7 Bridges. Running really does bring people together, and I really wish I could help fulfill everyone's goals and hopes in running this race.

But alas, there is can only be one winner.

And the winner is ...

Rebecca Kneedler!

Congratulations, Rebecca! I'll be contacting you soon on how to get your free entry.

Not going to lie, I am real excited for Rebecca because this will be her first-ever marathon! How cool is that?!?!

Thank you again to all who entered. If you didn't win, don't fret, I will be rolling out another giveaway next week, and it's one I'm really excited about, especially since there will be multiple of winners!

I don't want to announce what the giveaway is for, but you might get chaffed if you miss out!

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