Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best Running Week Ever? Quite Possibly

No two ways about it. I've had a pretty amazing week.

It's definitely been one of my favorite weeks running-wise, and it really had very little to do with me.
Yes, I did have a pretty good week, posting another 40-mile week and recording back-to-back days with double-digit mileage. However, none of that made this week special.

No, it was my family that made this week special ... especially my daughter.

Can't really explain it, but she seems to have caught the running bug.

On Wednesday, Haylee decided to join my bride and I at the track. She ran with us for a while, but after a little over mile she was done. She had enough.

We were happy she did that. We were really pleased with her performance.

Then on Thursday, Haylee blew our minds.

My bride and I were going back to the track, and Haylee said she wanted to go but this time she was doing her "own workout." Again, we were fine with this since she's being active.

Genople and I were going to do a Couch to 10K workout, while Haylee was going going to do her own thing. She had her earbuds in, iPod on and she was off. She did a 5-minute walking warm-up before taking off on a run, completing a full lap. After that, we didn't keep too close an eye on her as we were focused on our run, but we were thought she'd stop after 1 mile.

Nope. She kept on going.

Surely, at mile 2 she'd call it quits.

Wrong again.

Our workout ended with us logging 2.5 miles. I caught up with her and asked how much more she was going to do. "Two or three more laps."

I said, "how about we finish this one and do one more and that'll give us 3 miles." Haylee was happy with this and she got her 3 miles in.

Saturday, my bride surprised me by joining me on a group run. Genople and I are good friends with one of the other married couples. I run regularly with Chris, and Genople with Tara. We four met up Saturday morning and paired off. Chris and I did 9 miles, while the ladies cranked out 5.25 miles. That was Genople's longest run since her 10K back in February.

Haylee, too, wanted to get her run in on Saturday as well. So, that evening we took her out to the track and we got almost 1.4 miles in.

On the week, Haylee got in over 5 miles in.

Needless to say, I couldn't be prouder, especially since I never thought she would ever want to go running again. In 2011, she did the Secret City Kids Half Marathon, and after finishing, she said, "I am never doing that again!"

As the old adage goes: never say never.

I can not express how awesome it feels to have my bride and now my daughter join me in running. To say I'm on cloud 9 could be an understatement. Not sure how long this will last, but I'm sure going to enjoy it while I can.

Well, need to stop here. Have to rest up. After all, I've been informed we're running at the track tomorrow.

Happy running!


  1. That is so awesome, congrats to the whole family for a great active week!

  2. It's because of your good influence, I'm sure. :-)

    1. I would hope I had some influence on them, but I do not want to be so bold as to say as much. I'm just grateful they're out running with me.

  3. That's so awesome!! Congrats on a great week! :) It's fun when family members catch the bug too! :)