Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Iron Horse Half Marathon - Training Week 2

Another week is in the books.

Can't really tell you how glad I am in training mode. Nothing like going out on runs with a goal in mind and a target to shoot for.

And with each passing run, I get more anxious to run the Iron Horse Half Marathon.

So, without any further ado, here's my training log for last week.

Tuesday - 5.4 miles/56 minutes (10:17 pace)
Just had a nice and easy 5-plus mile run. The humidity was down, which was definitely nice.

Wednesday - 5.41 miles/58 minutes (10:39 pace)
Run was nice and easy. It was especially nice with the reduced humidity, which I'm enjoying while I can since it's supposed to make its return soon. I was able to keep a nice, steady pace and just motored along.

Thursday - 6.2/1:08 (10:54 pace)
With this being my third in a row of running 5 miles and it being hill workout day, I was 'hoping' to post a pace of 11:30/mile. How pleasantly surprised I was that none of my mile splits was over 11:13! Not going to lie, I'm pretty pleased with this run.

My legs feel great but I'll gladly take tomorrow as a rest day to gear up for a weekend of long runs.

Here are my mile splits:
Mile 1: 11:00
Mile 2: 11:09
Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 11:13
Mile 5: 11:13
Mile 6: 10:24
Final .2: 11:01/mile pace

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - 10 miles/1:44 (10:21 pace)
Started out a bit fast but was able to settle into a nice pace. Great to have my 10-miler already in the books with the heat & humidity we're going to have today.

Sunday - 5.26 miles/58 minutes (11:02 pace)
Had a nice, easy run. Didn't force things, just took it easy to get the miles in.

Monday - Rest Day

Total mileage for the week was 32.27 in a total time of 5 hours, 44 minutes.

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