Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iron Horse Half Marathon - Training Week 3

This was a rough week for me running-wise. Life got in the way a wee bit and my knee bothered me some as well.

Ended up taking three days off in all, but not complaining or whining about it. I really do think I needed the rest so I'm going to embrace that and move on.

Anyhow, here's how my week went:

Tuesday - 5.4 miles/56 minutes (10:24 pace)
Began the third week of my half marathon training with a nice & easy 5.4-mile run. Temp was great as it was 65 when I went out. Really could get used to that.

Wednesday - 4.01 miles/45 minutes (11:16 pace)
Didn't want to get out of bed. Stomach was feeling blah. Just didn't feel it today. But I pushed through to get 4 miles in.

Thursday - 3.8 miles/40 minutes (10:31 pace)
After sleeping this morning, I had to get my workout in on the treadmill at the hotel. Felt good. Now time to get ready to go to a baseball game.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Rest Days
Knee was bothering me on Friday and Saturday, so I took advantage of the opportunities to sleep in and rest. Was going to run Sunday morning, but the radar showed a nasty storm approaching. Don't mind running in the rain but not in a thunderstorm.

Monday - 6.2/1:03 (10:13 pace)
After taking the last 3 days off due to an achy knee and because of weather, got back at it today with a nice 6.2 mile run. Felt great hitting the pavement again. Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 10:13
Mile 2- 10:17
Mile 3- 10:00
Mile 4- 10:49
Mile 5- 10:10
Mile 6- 10:03
Final .2- 9:18/pace

Total mileage for the week was 19.41 in 3 hours, 24 minutes for an average pace of 10:31.

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