Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C'mon! Let's Race! ... Virtually

Looking for a fun race to participate in? Well, you are in luck because I've found the one for you!

Last week, fellow runner and blogger Doug Cassaro posted he was holding a Twitter Road Race!

If you're like me, it can be difficult to find a race to run in January. Oh, there are races out there, but you usually have to travel, and the cost of registration fees plus travel can add up ... quickly.

Enter Doug's #TwitterRoadRace!

It's a simple 5K on January 21. For the nitty gritty, I'll let Doug fill you in:
So, what do you do on race day? Simple, head out the door and run the race distance! Choose which ever route you want. You get to decide how easy or hard the course is.
When you finish, there will be a form similar to the one you used to register where you can record you finishing time. I will post that form as race day nears. To be classified as an "official" finisher, you MUST submit your time on the date of the race. Also, don't forget to tweet about your run using the hashtag #TwitterRoadRace so everyone can read how you did!
I will post the results within 24 hours.
The goal of this race is to create a new and fun way to connect with all the awesome runners on Twitter. It's a way for us all to run together even though we might live on separate sides of the country...or as I've begun to notice, the world! 
I welcome any and all comments/suggestions for this race. Please spread the word to all your followers on Twitter! I'm leaning on you guys to help get this race trending! Don't forget to use #TwitterRoadRace when you tweet!
I highly recommend following the hashtag #TwitterRoadRace. It got real fun last week when it was first announced as the race has now become a contest between the Boys and Girls!

And of course, the BOYS are going to win because guess who just recently signed up to run? The CRO himself, Bart Yasso! Now, if can get say either Ryan Hall or Josh Cox to join us, victory will be ours!!!

But seriously, it's not about who wins or loses. In fact, all who participate are winners because it's all about getting out, being active and connecting with runners all over the country and the world!

If you're interested in running, go here to register.

As of now, there approximately 254 runners signed up. And there's plenty of room for you!

Happy running!

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  1. Well I can relate, these days trying to put down some weight and get myself out for jog, This post is surely a motivation for me.