Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Inspires You? Tell Them 'Thank You'

It's sooooo true!
Had an awesome run this past Saturday ... and it had nothing to do with the sub-10 minute per mile pace I posted for my 7.65 miles.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and I had the opportunity to run later in the day so I got the rare chance to sleep in. (BONUS!!!) So I headed out around 11:30 for an easy seven-mile run.

Midway through my run, I stopped for a water break when another local runner was finishing up his four-mile run. I had seen him before but never had the opportunity to meet him before.

But he knew me thanks to seeing me running around town and Facebook.

Within seconds of introducing ourselves to each other, he told me, "I just have to tell you that you're an inspiration to me."

He went on to say he'd seen me running all the time and seen some of my posts on Facebook, and it really encouraged him.

Needless to say, I was floored. Humbled really.

LOVE THIS! In the words of Nike: Just Do It!
For one who knows how to exercise his gums, I was speechless. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think anyone would consider me an inspiration ... especially as a runner.

The guy who was lapped in high school during the 200-meter event is an inspiration to someone as a runner? The guy who was just over a year and a half ago who struggled to complete a mile without stopping let alone a lap around the track is an inspiration?

Who would've thunk it?

As we parted ways, I could not help but think about those who inspire me. In fact, Steve - the runner who stopped me on Saturday, is an inspiration to me.

One after one, various runners came to mind as I started clipping the miles away on my way back home. Seasoned runners. Sub-3 hour marathoners. Sub-3 hour half marathoners. Newbie runners. Runners who rock the Grand Master division. Runners who've shed the pounds one sweaty mile at a time.

Then it hit me.

Runners inspire me.

Not just one runner or any runner, but ALL runners.

Every single one of us who runs has an amazing story and journey to share. And I love hearing the stories. Your story.

Your story motivates me. Your story inspires me. Your story gives me the push to myself up and over the hill. Your story is the wind the helps me soar during speed drills.

You ... yes YOU ... are an inspiration!

Thank you for motivating me!

The next time you cross paths with someone who inspires you, stop and thank them. Neither of you will regret the slightly slower pace on that run.

Happy running!


  1. I love this post. It's true for me that runners in general inspire me and I love hearing everyone's stories. Really great writing and thoughts here, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Dave and Paulette for your comments. Really appreciate them.

    The more I think about this post, the more that I realize how amazing runners and the running family are. I mean, people like Bart Yasso and Dean Karnazes are truly inspiring with their running exploits. The finish to the 2011 Boston Marathon was out of this world. And yet, seeing someone break a 14-minute mile for the first time or a mom juggle her schedule to get a run in is just as awe inspiring to me.

    As I've said before, runners are awesome!

  3. I always tell someone that they inspire me, usually they have no idea but to me I think they are amazing and think that they should know that. Runners especially are amazing, so many different stories amoung us!

  4. I love this!! You are such an inspiration for me! I love making all these running friends via twitter and blogs. Thank you!

  5. Never would've ever thought this post would generate such a great response. I'm so grateful you all enjoy it.

  6. People wonder why I post about my running on Twitter and say that people just post it to brag. I say that it's because I have a great community of other runners who inspire me and who I can inspire. So often do I get messages asking about running and for encouragement. Kudos to you for the great reminder.

  7. I love the post! Great job!

  8. Melanie - I like to tell others the mileage I plan to do not to brag but to hold me accountable. If I say I'm going to run 10 miles, I'm going to run 10 miles because I told so and so I would. It's more for me than for anyone else. But I also love it and see what I've done and say, "If he can do it, then I can too!"